The Reverb Collection.

The first set includes twelve samples. Two variations of Studio, Church, Cathedral, Warmhall and Arena, pus one sample of Vocal-Hall. Each group has one sample that is very close to the original default setting and one that has been modified to be more useful in a wide range of applications.
The majority are mid-length, but two are very short and can add a lot of dimension without the typical reverb sound.

Each purchase also comes with a "mystery" sample from a separate reverb which is also quite coveted, bringing the total to 12 samples in the package.
You can purchase the 44.1 set for $24.99, later we will offer a set at 96K for the same price or both sets for 39.99. You will be able to get the second set for the difference.

These files are not copy protected, however we do embed unique codes for each user into the files. This does not effect the audio, but it gives us some level of protection. This process is not currently fully automated, so you should expect  delays of up to 24 hours between your order and fulfillment. (We will try for much shorter times).
Please read the user agreement before you purchase. Like most software, these are non-refundable, and are intended for one user only.
You should own Nebula 3 Pro or Nebula3 Server to use these files.
Nebula can create a major drain on the CPU of your DAW. These reverb programs are large and demanding. You should test other reverb libraries at your intended sample rate prior to purchasing ours. Expect a little more of a hit from ours.

Additional sets from this unit will follow.

Inside Nebula Pro, you will see the set under Reverb as GL6K.